Fulfilment through self-discovery

Invest in Yourself,

How I work

My Practice Perspective

Society would call me a psychologist, but I have my own mission statement. My job is to help you develop into an authentic and fulfilled individual who is prepped with coping strategies for when life gets tough. I work uniquely with every individual who approaches me because my job is to help you, and there isn't a standard way of doing that. 

My Focus

I work with you to discover more about your unique self, to understand why you do the things you do, why you make the choices you make, and why you are living the life you live. Understanding all these can help you get the most out of life, move beyond barriers to your potential and help you overcome your difficulties.

My Expertise

I offer you my services, today, having immersed  myself in my passion, Psychology, for the last decade. I have completed both undergraduate and postgraduate studies in leading educational institutions, such as University College London; I have trained with the eminent psychologist Dr Philip Zimbardo; I have been involved in some cutting edge research projects; I have worked in the NHS for 10 years; I have worked in schools for 4 years; I have had clients aged 7-96 years old; I have watched many of my clients build resilience; I have watched many of my clients find happiness;

And I have loved each and every part of it. 

Our sessions


We begin our work together with an initial consultation. During this first meeting, we will discuss what you would like to achieve through our work together and how I can be of benefit.

Each session we have will last 50 minutes and we would generally meet at the same time each week. All sessions are held at my office. Telephone sessions can also be arranged.

My aim is to tailor my practice to your needs.

My Promise to You

Key to my work is to provide you with a warm, non-judgmental environment where you feel comfortable to express yourself and discuss your difficulties. Building a strong working alliance is essential to our work together, so that you can move forward with discovering and achieving any goals you may have in life.


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